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Type of Capacitor,Active,passive Components,Colour Coding, Excercises, Series, parallel, Type of Resistors, Corbon Resistor, Metal oxide resistor, Metal film Resistor, Wire wound Resistor, SMT Resistor, Preset Resistor, Resistor Resting Method, Using Multimeter, SMT Resistor testing, soldering & Desoldering Normal Resistor, SMT Resistor.
cellphone components, 2 types-Outside components, Inside Components, PCB Board Components-Antenna Section Components,Charging Section Components, common IC Components, Inside of Cellphones, Outside components, battery, Nicd, Nimh, Lion, Li-poly, How to check original battery, new battery Charging -method, Do\'s, & Don’t Do\'s, How to Keep your battery Healthy, Mobile External Charger, Dual battery backup, battery abckup hours all companies, battery manufacturing companies, Working Voltage of battery, PDA Mobiles details, How to check the battery, Instant Boost, Tips for battery backup
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capacitor, Material in Capacitor,Electrolytic & Non electrolytic Capacitor, Relationship between Resistor, Cpacitor, Type of capacitor, Air Capacitor, paper capacitor, Mica Capacitor ceramic capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, Variable capacitor, SMT Capacitor, Smart Tweezer. 1.Capacitor Checking Method-Normal 2.Capacitor Checking Method-SMT, Soldering & De soldering (Normal Capacitor), Soldering & De soldering(SMT Capacitor)
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Inside Components:Display-LCD Display, TFt Display, STN Display, display Flex cable, Display Cleaners, Display Connectors, cellphone Inner Keypads, Cellphone Keypads, Joysticks, Internal Antenna, Inbuilt Antenna, External Antenna, Cellphone Switches, On-Off Switch, volume control switch, FM Switch, camera & Internet switch Practicle:How to Disconnect the Display How to test the Switches, How to Remove the Antenna.
Inductor, Type of Inductor-Air core Inductors, Ferrite Core Inductors, Pot Core Inductors, variable Inductors, SMT Inductors, Practical: 1.Inductor Checking Method-Normal, SMT Removing & Re fixing of Normal Inductors, SMT Inductors.
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Mobile camera,usage of camera Mobiles,type of camera- QCIF, QVGA, CIF, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA. How to calculate the pictures, camera Output,Positions, Dual camera cellphones, camera Holder & cables, camera removing methode,Infrared Port, Keypad LED, SMD LED types, LED Testing Methode, Damaged LED Finding Methode, MMC Port, Types of Slots, Vedio class of Cellphone Dis-assemble & manuals
Diode, Forward Bios,Reverse Bios,Types of Diode, P.N.Junction Diode or Power Diode, Zener Diode Photo diode or Signal Diode, Light Emitting Diode-L.E.D Gunn Diode, varactor Diode, SMT Diode SMT checking Methd, Normal Checking Methode Normal LED, SMT LED Checking Methode Soldering & Desoldring of Normal Diode, SMT Diode
Cellphone working Functions, Transmission,Reception, Components, cellphone Sections-Antenna Sections, Processing Sections, charging Sections, Cellphone IC, PF IC, RF IC, Network IC, Audio IC, CPU, Ram IC, ROM IC, UEM IC, Power IC, charging IC, FM IC, Bluetooth IC, camera IC, Gallery IC, Keypad Light Controller IC, SIM card Control IC, Display Control IC.
varities of Cellphone main board Pictures & Block Diagram
CPU sections:IC Details, CPU, UEM, Flash IC, ROM IC, Audio IC. Charging Section:Ic Details:- Light Keypad Interface IC, SIM Tray Connectors, Charging Control IC, MIC Tip, handfree Connectors, Charging Connector, Common Ics:FM Radio IC, Bluetooth IC, camera & Gallery IC Various Model os Mainboards Picture.
Transformer,Types of transformers -Step up Transformer, Step Down Transformer, Center tapped transformer Multi output Transformer, SMt Transformer Testing of Transformers, primary Section Test, Secondary test, Ground test, Primary to Secondary Test Open Transformer test, Removing & Refixing of Normal Transformers, SMt Transformers
Cellphone Component Identification,Various Models of Block Diagram, Pictures, Circuits
Jumpering Tools,Types of Jumpering-Audio Jumpering Ringer Jumpering, Vibrator Jumpering, Keypad Jumpering Antenna Switch Jumpering, Backlight Jumpering, display Jumpering, Keypad LED Jumpering, On-Off Switch -Jumpering, Various Board Pictures of Jumpering
Transistors, Types of transistors, BJT-PNP,NPN UJT Type:- FET, MOSFET, SMOS FET, SMT Mosfet,
1.Checking of Normal Transistor, SMT Transistor (PNP,NPN)
2.Removing & Re fixing of NORMAL Transistors type
3.Removing & Re fixing of SMT Transistors type
Roaming, Home calling Area, basic Roaming,Accidental -Roaming , Sim based Roaming, user name password based Roaming, Auto Roaming, Fixed Roaming, Classification of Roaming, 1.National Roaming, 2.Inter -National Roaming, 3.Inter standard Roaming Communication Technology Brief:FDMA, TDMA, GSM, CDMA, WLL, DAMA, PAMA, Incoming & Outgoing step by step Process, Security, Network Working Function, 1.Wire based, 2.Wireless based, TRAI, MTSO & base station, Auroplane Signal, How cell tower work,& its Picturers, small Towers, Signal Booster, Jamming Device-Brief,
CDMA Mobiles, History, Types of CDMA-landlines, Mobile Phones, CDMA Service Providers in India list, CDMA Mobile Manufacturers, LG,Nokia, samsung,Fly, Kyocero, classic mobiles, GSm Cellphones, GSm Service Provider in India,Difference -CDMA& GSM, latest CDMA technology, 2G CDMA Operators, 3G CDMA/2000 Advantages 3g CDMA Operators List, CDMA Frequencies, CDMA Mobile Internet Connectivity, CDMA mainboard Picturers, CDMA Troubleshootings. CDMA Jumpering CDMA Working Functions, China Mobiles, Types-Quodband cellphones, Try band Cellphones, Dual band, Watch Mobiles, TV Mobiles, Bluetooth mobiles, GPRS Mobiles, Touch Screen Mobiles, Dual Camera Mobiles, large size speaker Dual SIM Mobiles, Windows Mobiles, palmtop Mobiles China ALL Mobile Secrect Codes.
What is I.C-Integrated CHIP, Birth of I.C, Inside of I.C parts of I.C, Types of I.C-Pin IC,ball I.C Single Side I.C (With Pin), Double Side (With Pin) Double side Square IC (with pin),Four side Square IC (with pin)
Mobile Troubleshootings Methode-Hardware problems, Softwae problems, Mobile Troubleshooting List-
1.Cracked Screew, 2.Broken Areals, 3.cracked Faces, 4.Ripped Keypads, 5.Water Damages, 6.Power Problems or Dead Set Details Troubleshootings
7.Network Problems, 8.Inser SIM Problems, 9.Locking Prblms, 10.charging Problems,11.LED Problems, 12.Display Problems Audio Section problems:- 13.Ringer Problems, 14.Incoming Voice Not hearing problems, 15.Outgoing Voice Not send, Details Troubleshootings
16.Autoshutt off Problems, 17.Fm Not Working Problems 18.Camera Not Working Problems, 19.On-Off Switch Prblms 20.Check Operator Service, 21.Settings Problems Chinna Model Mobile main Board Diagrams.
Software Problems:-Version Updating, restore factory settings, Repair Bluetooth Models, dead Conditions Mobiles, Contact service Providers, Phone Lock Auto shutt off, Virus Problems, Any software problems, Mobile hanging, Operation Slow, security lock, Country Lock, Mobile Restart, Sim Card Registration Failed, Lose of Contend, Mobile Source Wrong Function, Network related problems.Flashing:How to flashing a mobile, Flashing Tool Kit, UFS Kit Flashing cables, UFS Driver Software, Mobile Software, UFS Installation Methode
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